Supporting Public Safety, Military, Veterans, and the Local Community

Helping those who help others

Who We Are

Making Everything Good was created to assist and support the various charity events and causes produced and backed by Meg.

Did you know that when a victim/survivor of sexual/physical assault has a forensic exam, their clothing is often taken as evidence? After their exam is completed, many go home in hospital scrubs without undergarments.

As a member of the law enforcement community, I’ve unfortunately seen situations like this happen, repeatedly. Whether it’s lack of interest, lack of resources, or, most often, lack of funding, I was determined to figure out a way to help those needing a little extra kindness.

With my husband, Eric Provow, I’ve done just that. In mid-2018, Making Everything Good (M.E.G.) was officially launched as a 501(c)(3). Our mission: assist and support the needs of individuals, families, and organizations associated with public safety, military, veterans, and the local community.

What We Do

Making Everything Good’s mission is to assist and support the needs of individuals, families and organizations associated with public safety, military, veterans, and the local community.


— MEG Express

Provides transportation to mental health treatment facilities for first responders and veterans.


— Project FACT

Supplies a local hospital with new undergarments, clothing, and personal items for victims of sexual and physical assault where their clothing is retained as evidence during a forensic exam.


— Operation Service Dog

Provides supplies to first responders and veterans receiving a service dog.


— The Ken Evans Cancer Fund

The Ken Evans Cancer Fund


— Fundraisers

Conducts various fundraisers for first responders and veterans that are in need. In the year 2022, we successfully raised over $30,000 for our brothers and sisters.

Ines, wife of Omar Delgado, a first responder on the scene at the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in FL.

“M.E.G. is truly an amazing organization. When my husband was told right before Christmas that he was going to be terminated at the end of the month. M.E.G. stepped up and made sure that we’d be able to have a true Christmas for our children. We are truly thankful for all the support Meg and her team provided for us.”

Emily Cremans

This is a wonderful organization that directly helps our patients and other victims of violence. please consider donating to them this holiday season and helping to make someone’s holiday a little better!

Karen Rodabaugh

There isn’t a lot that I can add that the other reviewers haven’t said. This is a 100% legitimate organization run by honest, community oriented people who work selflessly for others. When I donate to MEG I know that my money is going to a cause not covered by some huge corporate organization. I don’t have to worry about some CEO making a million dollars off of contributions. These are people who work hard at their jobs and work hard at their charity. I love the community support that they provide. This is an organization that I will continually support with the peace of mind knowing that they’re honest people looking out for those in need.

🌟 Join Us for Social Media Giving Day! 🌟Today is #SocialMediaGivingDay, a perfect opportunity to come together and make a difference! Your support can help us continue our mission at Making Everything Good, from providing transportation for mental health treatment to supplying essentials for assault survivors, and so much more! Every donation counts and brings hope to those in need. Let’s use the power of social media for good! 💙Donate and be part of the change: #giveback #makingeverythinggood #supportourcommunity #TogetherWeCan See MoreSee Less
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Making Everything Good
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🚨💙 Support Making Everything Good! 💙🚨Join us in making a difference! Making Everything Good is dedicated to assisting and supporting first responders, veterans, the military, their families, and our local community.Your generous donation can help provide critical resources, support programs, and show our heroes the appreciation they deserve. Together, we can uplift those who protect and serve us every day.🌟 Donate today and make an impact! 🌟🔗 #makingeverythinggood #communitysupport #donatenow #veterans #publicsafety #militaryfamilies #localheroes See MoreSee Less
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The FCPD’s Victim Services Division in partnership with Making Everything Good will be hosting their 3rd annual Back-to-School Fun Fair, scheduled for early August.This event is dedicated to families with child victims of sexual, domestic, or child abuse, or those who have witnessed homicides. Due to the sensitive nature of our attendees, this is a private event.Each year, over 125 children (K-12) are adopted for Back-to-School, receiving a new outfit, shoes, and essential school supplies. During the Fun Fair, these children and their families pick up their goodies and enjoy a day filled with games, face painting, balloons, therapy dogs, food, and various other activities.To ensure the success of this event, we are seeking donations and sponsorships from generous individuals and organizations like yours. Your support will directly contribute to providing school supplies, games, activities, refreshments, and other essentials that will make the day unforgettable for these children.Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a significant impact. Here are a few ways you can help:Monetary Donations: Financial contributions will allow us to purchase necessary supplies and organize fun activities. Please click here to make a donation: All donations are tax deductible.Sponsorship: If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Sarai River at [email protected]. Sponsorships will allow us to cover the costs of games, face painting, balloons, and other fun activities. We will include your company, name on promotional materials.In-Kind Donations: School supplies, after school snacks, toys, and other items that can bring a smile to a child’s face are greatly appreciated.Please mail or drop off to:Saly Fayez12099 Government Center ParkwayFairfax, VA 22035[email protected]Please join us in making this day special for the children who need it most. Together, we can provide them with a positive and uplifting experience as they prepare for their first day of school. Your contribution, no matter the size, will bring smiles and laughter to children who have endured so much. Thank you for your generosity and support in making this day special for these deserving families. See MoreSee Less
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🤔𝗪𝗵𝗼 𝗜𝘀 𝗠.𝗘.𝗚?The idea for M.E.G. was born out of a desire to provide extra kindness to those in need. As a member of law enforcement, Meg witnessed the challenges faced by those in her public safety family and local community firsthand. It was clear that more support was needed.With determination and compassion, together with her husband, Eric Provow, they embarked on a mission to make a difference. In 2018, Making Everything Good was officially launched as a 501(c)(3) organization. Together, they’ve dedicated themselves to assisting and supporting individuals, families, and organizations associated with public safety, military, veterans, and the local community.Join M.E.G. in honoring their commitment to spreading kindness and making the world a better place, one act of generosity at a time. #megfounders #spreadingkindness #makingeverythinggood See MoreSee Less
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Let’s remember that healing is a journey, not a destination. It requires patience, dedication, and most importantly, understanding. Today, let’s extend our support and compassion to our brothers and sisters who are working through the healing process. Together, we can help them find the healing and peace they deserve. 💙🇺🇸#makingeverythinggood #healingisanart #SupportOurHeroes #veterans #firstresponders #LoveAndSupport #CommunityCare See MoreSee Less
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