John Wooden:

"Little things make big things happen"

What We Do

Making Everything Good’s mission is to assist and support the needs of individuals, families and organizations associated with public safety, military, veterans, and the local community.


— MEG Express

Provides transportation and funding assistance for those seeking treatment.


— Project FACT

Supports Inova Ewing Forensic Assessment & Consultation Team (FACT) to assist victims of sexual and domestic violence. 


— Adopt-a-Child

A partnership with local organizations to support Adopt-A-Child’s ‘Back to School’ initiative.


— Education

Through speaking engagements or targeted educational programs, MEG helps organizations support their constituents.

Ines, wife of Omar Delgado, a first responder on the scene at the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in FL.

M.E.G. is truly an amazing organization. When my husband was told right before Christmas that he was going to be terminated at the end of the month. M.E.G. stepped up and made sure that we’d be able to have a true Christmas for our children. We are truly thankful for all the support Meg and her team provided for us.

Emily Cremans

This is a wonderful organization that directly helps our patients and other victims of violence. please consider donating to them this holiday season and helping to make someone’s holiday a little better!

Karen Rodabaugh

There isn’t a lot that I can add that the other reviewers haven’t said. This is a 100% legitimate organization run by honest, community oriented people who work selflessly for others. When I donate to MEG I know that my money is going to a cause not covered by some huge corporate organization. I don’t have to worry about some CEO making a million dollars off of contributions. These are people who work hard at their jobs and work hard at their charity. I love the community support that they provide. This is an organization that I will continually support with the peace of mind knowing that they’re honest people looking out for those in need.

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